Case: Beijing blue pole speed Internet cafe late night fire, four minors because of why arson

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When it comes to teenagers, the first words that come to mind should be “flowers of the motherland” and “future successors”.Without doubt, under the education of hardworking gardeners, more and more teenagers have grown into responsible adults who take on their own responsibilities and contribute to society at the same time.However, every coin has two sides. The excellence of a group does not mean that an individual is equally excellent. There are still dark spots behind the light.There is no beat generation, only beat people.In 2002, in an Internet cafe in Beijing, a fire caused by four minors, let everyone forget.Back in 2002, the scene of the fire was filled with flames and cries for help.With the gradual development of The Times, the Internet industry as a new industry, its momentum of development is not to be underestimated.Under the shadow of the development of the Internet, more and more Net bars appear in the streets.The target audience of emerging industries is often young people, as well as Internet cafes. We can easily find that the majority of Internet users in Internet cafes are young people.One of them is the LAN Ju Speed Internet cafe in Beijing, which is located on Xueyuan Road in Haidian district. As a result, most of its customers are students from nearby schools.On weekdays, people who come to consume will roam in the online world, surfing the Internet, playing games, chasing dramas and opening black, washing away the fatigue of a whole day with the happiness of the virtual world.However, due to the immature development of the industry, some Internet cafes located in small areas do not have regulations prohibiting minors from consuming, which has caused disadvantages to some extent.In the early morning of June 26, 2002, almost the whole of Beijing fell into a deep sleep, but the LAN Ju Speed Internet cafe is still very busy.At that time, there were probably more than 30 guests in the Internet cafe, they were swimming in their own world, playing lost track of time.The gate of the Internet bar is a closed gate.Since there are often minors in Internet cafes, fearing raids by chengguan, Internet cafe owners lock their doors in advance almost every night, leaving only players who choose to stay overnight.The minutes went by, and around 2:40 a.m., people still didn’t feel sleepy until a scream sounded and everyone turned their eyes to the Internet cafe.”There’s a fire. Run.”But the short words let everyone for a cheer, along the sound of the source of a look, billowing smoke is pouring out, almost swallowed everything.Instant, Internet cafe panic up, everyone pushed each other came to the door and window, trying to call the good Samaritan passing by.At 2 a.m., however, the streets were silent, and no one could help them except a few neighbors who had been woken up.As the fire continued and grew worse, more than three dozen trapped guests huddled around the few Windows, gasping for fresh air.The crying attracted the surrounding residents, who came to the scene of the fire with their pliers and wrenches, and tried their best to rescue the trapped people.However, only with the strength of a few people, there is no way to resist the more and more brazen fire tongue, coupled with Internet cafes on the ground full of wires, the fire soon out of control.Indoor is a howling and crying, outdoor is the sound of people anxious to save, because the smoke is too big, has floated out of the window, the rescue work has been greatly affected.At such critical moments, time stands still.Until the firemen arrived at the door of the Internet cafe, the fire almost engulfed the whole house.At half past three in the morning, the fire was finally put out. Under the dark traces of the house, in addition to twenty-five lives left, the rest is one family after another broken.The crime of minors was soon known by the local government, and the Haidian district police began to investigate the cause of the fire.Under normal circumstances, fires in places like Internet cafes are likely to be caused by aging electrical circuits or accidents, but after a brief investigation, the police found that things did not seem as simple as people thought.First of all, under the account of the Internet cafe boss, the police learned that the Internet cafe circuit a few days ago just carried out a round of investigation, all hidden dangers have been checked out;In addition, several of the survivors of the fire said that the fire started in the stairwell, where there were no wires or inflammable objects, and the only possibility was arson.Such speculation is not without reason.Looking at dozens of victims’ families crying red eyes, the police felt unprecedented pressure, after several days and nights of investigation, several suspects finally surfaced.”Uncle policeman, we started the fire.Why can others play the game we can’t play ah, we can’t play the game they can’t.”After finding several suspects near the crime scene, their identity and attitude almost shocked the police incoherently, because the initiator of this terrible fire, was four minors!The four arsonists, the oldest is only 17 years old, the youngest is only a 13-year-old boy still in primary school, four people are friends, the night of the incident with stolen money to attempt to play in Internet cafes.Make what they did not think of however is, be about to take the door in a flash, 4 people were stopped by Internet bar boss unexpectedly, the reason is age is not enough.All four were furious at the thought of their plans to play the game falling through.Watching the big brothers and sisters playing in the Internet cafe, Chen, the oldest, came up with an idea.If you can’t play the game yourself, no one else can play it well.So, with the fuel stolen from home, a few people again came to the Internet cafe.After secretly hiding in the stairwell of Internet cafe, they set fire to everything.After investigating the four arsonists, police found that despite their different ages, they all have one thing in common, that is, they are “troubled teenagers”.Lack of family education, weak self-management ability, coupled with the rebellious indulgence of adolescence, the four people every day in addition to skipping classes, the rest of the time is to do everything possible to play.Lawyer’s point of view, including Chen mou, four people, suspected of arson, means extremely bad, social influence is very deep.However, as all four are minors and there is a child under the age of 14, they will be dealt with leniently under the law.According to Article 115 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court sentenced two of the defendants to 12 years in prison for arson, while a child under 14 years old was exempted from criminal responsibility.At the same time, because the problems of two Internet cafe operators indirectly led to the case, it was sentenced to two fixed-term imprisonment of three years and one year and six months.