Sima Nan played The role of Yang Xiu in The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, adding to the joy of the festival

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On the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival approaching, Sima Nan gave you a “cultural dinner”, this time, he played a “Romance of The Three Kingdoms” in an important role —- Yang Xiu, acting, worthy of versatile people!To understand how this happened, let’s go back to history…It happened that Cao Cao’s march was blocked by Ma Chao and he was in a dilemma. A cook brought chicken soup to cao Cao. Cao Cao saw the chicken ribs in the bowl and felt moved.Then Xiahou Dun told all the officials to call them “chicken ribs”.After hearing this, Yang Xiu, the chief of the army, unexpectedly told the accompanying soldiers to pack their bags and prepare for the return journey. Yang Xiu’s move made the whole army stop trying to make progress and prepare for the return trip.Cao Cao was furious: “How dare you talk and disturb the hearts of our troops!”Yang Xiu, who had repeatedly committed Cao Cao’s jealousy, was finally beheaded and died…02 to inform the content of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate files notice entitled “on strengthening the protection of national property, field of state-owned land access sell one’s own public interest litigation inspection notice” state-owned property protection areas, including major project construction funds, huimin corresponding fiscal subsidies, pension funds, insurance fund, the research is to defraud, such as collecting,And some enterprises and individuals that the public strongly complained about evaded taxes and occupied state-owned property.In the field of state-owned land use rights, we will focus on strengthening supervision of illegal acts such as maliciously defaulting on land transfer fees, leaving land idle for a long time, and building land before approval.”03 This is a routine work notice, but Mr. Sima Nan was very valuable, he made a new “association”, two successive issues of similar content, but different titles of the video Mr. Sima Nan according to this routine work notice, has made a new action, Lenovo what do you think?1 on the ninth day of the first lunar month, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued a notice, requiring the protection of state-owned assets, requiring the use of state-owned land transfer rights to conduct public interest litigation inspection work, to achieve the full coverage of state-owned assets, state-owned land in the field of handling cases……2 according to the “full coverage” will naturally “cover” to lenovo willow body, it is necessary to thoroughly check them, and then induce the netizens to “association” to get the conclusion they want to get —- lenovo Willow to have “prison”…In 2009, Lenovo Sold 29% of its shares to Lu Zhiqiang of Oceanwide Holdings.4 two years later, lenovo willows and withdrew from the sea holding 5 lenovo stake sale of state-owned land 8 square meters, and the research of land without authorization to 04 SiMaNa commodity building room with The Three Kingdoms period beginning a few similarities in common: lenovo at random, arbitrary, arbitrary play beginning to play a “chicken ribs” caused the morale of chaos.Sima Nan played the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s “notice” at will, let the nearly flameout of the artillery reminiscent of the willow war to re-ignite, give each horse powder a “hot pot” in front of the chest, each horse powder on the belly of the scalded bubbles…Because “notice” does not explicitly target lenovo or lenovo willow;In the same “chicken ribs”, Cao Cao did not explicitly retreat, he is still hesitating…Therefore, Sima Nan and Yang Liu are “unrequited love”, according to which we can conclude that Sima Nan’s marriage must not be very smooth when he was young, which is the root of the disease left by “unrequited love” in his youth.The differences between Sima Nan and Yang Xiu 1.Sima Nan does not belong to the officials, is the Internet celebrity, but behind the tens of millions of fans, huge, for him to follow the lead, for example: he online for Jin Canrong sold the book “Great Power Vision” only 60 copies.Why only 60 people of millions of fans buy it?The reason is very simple, they are all limited in a small scope, and they are all thinking small for themselves. There is no “great power vision”!2. Different purposes and motives.Yang Xiu was playing tricks to show he was clever and superior to others, and lost his life as a result.Sima Nan is to refry the association willow, so that he will have traffic, talk about foreign things, has nothing to do with the people, he is in the “ginseng chaff to water”, credibility is not much, see not much, talk about politics, economy, literature, are amateurs, open mouth out of jokes, or talk about association some people see, also have traffic,Although he ostensibly called on the government or political and legal departments to take measures to lenovo willow, in fact, his heart most hope to end it, so that he will create more topics, no matter which state organs issued documents or notices, he can and lenovo willow “lenovo” together, so you can “fry”…Sima Nan is just like Cao Cao Yang Xiu said.Yang Xiu said cao Cao, “The prime minister is not in a dream, you are in the ear of a dream”. When applied to Sima Nan, it means “Sima Nan is not in a dream, but all the horse fans are in a dream”…Three months ago, Mr. Sima Nan said that the investigation team had been investigating lenovo Group, and there was no action for nearly four months. Later, Wang Xiaodong denied the rumor that it was a rumor.If the Supreme People’s Procuratorate had specifically targeted Lenovo willow in the notice, that would be fine. However, the Notice was not only targeted at Lenovo Willow, and did not even talk about willow, which is suspected of “falsely spreading imperial edits” and “disguising tiger’s power by fox”. This is the same old trick…This one goes right…2. The “general reference” in the Notice of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate turned into “specific reference”.The so-called general refers to the general refers to all cases related to state-owned assets, but Sima Nan has been explained specifically for Lenovo willow…In addition, from the legal point of view, it generally means that “laws shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation”. This is the most basic legal common sense. Didn’t Sima Nan understand it?Sometimes confusion can really do wonders…Sometimes clumsy methods can also achieve “smooth talk” effect ah!3 have the title party’s major suspicion to see Sima South this video title: “the Supreme Court has a new action, association how to think?”, net red “xiao Pang” (noon sunshine 666) pointed out that the title will make people think of the procuratorate to lenovo willow “start”, but after watching the video found that the procuratorate did not talk about Lenovo Willow, this is a typical “title party”, this is fraudulent means to defraud traffic!Sima Nan as tens of millions of fans of the net red, really should not do such despicable things ah!4 the two videos are suspected of homogenization. I not only watched Mr. Sima Nan’s video “The Supreme People’s Court has a new action, What do Lenovo think?”I also watched another of his videos “Lenovo Storm”. Although the titles of these two videos are different, the content is almost the same. It’s like the same person, who was wearing pants just now, and now he is wearing triangle pants…Mr. Sima nan is in good physical condition. In such a cold winter, isn’t it cold to wear such thin clothes?Good distressed ah!Doesn’t Sima Nan, a veteran we-media man, understand that homogeneity of works is taboo?Why use “title party” and “homogenization” cheat flow?5 capricious, fool horse powder at the beginning, Sima Nan said that Lenovo Willow in 2009 sold 29% to the sea holdings Lu Zhiqiang, resulting in the loss of 1.3 billion yuan of state capital, Lenovo Liu sold 8,000 square meters cheaply.Three months later, found that the government or the judiciary without acting on lenovo willows, many professionals to put forward his opinion, SiMaNa said he was wrong, he is in no evidence, is listening to others, also praised the lenovo willows, admitted his mistakes, he spoke incoherently, said “lenovo willow might have suspected of illegal”…The Supreme People’s Procuratorate once this “notice”, he came to the spirit again, and solemnly talk about the loss of state capital in 2009 and the illegal use of 80,000 square meters of land for commercial land, put the “possible” into the ass pocket, put the “suspected” also quietly thrown into the dustbin, and then cover the lid……Sima Nan described his fans as “diode”, after his “acting”, a lot of horse fans have become fools, from “diode” directly into “a tube”, poor those horse fans were sima Nan when monkey play, but also unaware, unrepentant…Shout kill earthquake day, march forward courageously, unfortunately this is peaceful time, is democratic legal system society, born in the wrong time!07 end Sima Nan tore lenovo willow has been more than three months, if lenovo willow is really guilty, the people’s Procuratorate and the court would have taken action, according to the victory of China’s control of the epidemic, we have also witnessed the prestige of our party and the government’s administrative efficiency, lenovo willow can drag so long?Isn’t that the “bald head lice” principle?A louse the size of a calf, on the bald head, but the horse fans just ignore it and say, “Justice may be late, but never absent!”, yes!Originally justice is not absent, because our “national hero” —- Mr. Sima Nan has always been sitting on the “chair of justice”, how can be absent?In order to meet the Lantern Festival, Mr. Sima Nan associate willow entertainment, he is deliberately exposed to let everyone laugh!I set thirty sheep free, there are always three sheep like fools, their brains never turn, always follow the other sheep, never eat fresh grass, the body is slow, like a thin monkey, similar to the “mob”, I took out the “god whip” only listen to “p-p-p-p-p-p!”Three braids, these like “rabble” of silly sheep finally awake……88-year-old Shepherd — Tumbler Sunday, February 13, 2022