Qiannan Water Bureau held a video conference on flood and drought disaster prevention

2022-05-20 0 By

On March 30, qiannan water authority organization work state of floods defensive video meeting, the meeting thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary about disaster prevention disaster reduction and relief work important instructions instructions spirit and the province of prevention of floods video conference spirit, earnestly implement the committee of the state of safety in production of various decision deployment,Analyze and judge the flood and drought situation in 2022 and arrange and deploy the flood and drought disaster prevention work in 2022.It is reported that the 20th Party Congress and the 13th provincial Party Congress will be held this year, and the flood and drought disaster prevention work is of special significance, great responsibility and glorious mission.Prefectural water utilities system will accurately grasp the new situation and new requirements of flood and drought disaster prevention work, deeply understand the extreme importance of flood and drought disaster prevention work this year, resolutely hold the bottom line of flood and drought disaster prevention.In order to actively deal with the new situation and new changes of flood and drought disaster work this year, the water supply system of the prefecture insists on putting people first and life first, and always puts the safety of people’s life and property in the first place.The meeting stressed that, first, we should strengthen weak links, organize safety inspections before flood control and flood control, establish a database of risks and hidden dangers, formulate rectification measures, identify responsible persons and units, implement emergency flood control measures, and ensure that nothing goes wrong in flood control and flood control.It is necessary to strengthen information exchange with meteorological departments, closely monitor changes in river conditions downstream of rainstorm areas, proactively master flood peak water levels and other information in important flood control reaches, report dangerous situations to flood control headquarters and party committees and governments in a timely manner, and ensure the organic linkage between “detection and prevention report” and “fight and rescue”.Third, we will strengthen the safety of reservoirs in flood control, strengthen the inspection and defense of key sites such as reservoirs, hydropower stations, DAMS, spillways and water discharge facilities, strictly implement the “three-time early warning” mechanism for flood discharge, and ensure that people downstream move to avoid danger in advance.Fourth, river flood prevention should be strengthened. In strict accordance with the special action plan of “Cracking down on illegal behaviors and preventing illegal behaviors”, regularized rectification of illegal buildings obstructing flood should be carried out. Reservoirs should be made full use of to cut flood peaks and reduce flood discharge pressure in downstream rivers to ensure smooth flood discharge.Fifth, we need to strengthen mountain flood disaster prevention, improve the responsibility for mountain flood disaster prevention, implement the “guarantee” responsibility system, and ensure that the emergency shift to the right direction and run fast.Do measuring and reporting facilities, early warning means, transfer routes, disaster avoidance sites, resettlement programs.Sixth, we need to make a coordinated effort to fight drought and ensure water supply, effectively control flood and combat drought, improve the level of time and space regulation of water resources, optimize the scheduling and rational allocation of various water conservancy projects and drought-resistant water sources, achieve multi-purpose water supply and ensure food security.The conference is held by video to the counties (cities), the state water bureau, the state hydrology bureau responsible person in the main venue to attend.Speech by Li Jian, secretary of the Party Group and director of Qiannan Water Bureau, Member of the Party group and deputy director of Qiannan Water Bureau, Remarks by Luo Jianrui, chief engineer of Qiannan Hydrology and Water Resources Bureau